SEO Basics: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

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Less than 5 percent of searchers go beyond the first page of Google search results. This finding alone highlights the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in allowing your online business to reach its full potential. When people are searching for the product or service you provide, you want them to see your business as quickly as possible. Achieving higher rankings on Google will drive more traffic to your site, resulting in more leads and customers.

Diving into the world of digital marketing can seem daunting. Enlisting the help of a prominent local SEO company, like, can help you maximize your digital marketing efforts. However, whether you’ve already established a website or you’re about to launch, there are a few fairly easy steps you can take to start boosting the visibility of your site.

Keep the User in Mind

Making your website Google-friendly involves more than throwing the right keywords into the mix. Google has gotten very savvy in recognizing quality content, so it’s important to develop content that is relevant and useful to web surfers (i.e. real people).

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When people spend more time viewing and interacting with your site’s content, Google will recognize your site as more valuable and increase its ranking.

First and foremost, you should focus your online content on your audience. Using your customer insights, seek to create valuable content that answers a question or solves a problem.

Write a Good Title

The first thing searchers will see among Google’s list of websites is the title, paired with a short description underneath called the meta description.

Does the title of your blog post, article, or video attract their eye? A good title that reflects your content in a concise and attractive way is key to getting the attention of visitors and persuading them to click through your website.

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While not a huge influencer on SEO, the meta description is another opportunity to convince the reader to click and find out more. It should be very short while including at least one relevant keyword.

Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of your SEO strategy. They should be integrated naturally and placed in the title, near the top of your post within the content, and throughout the page using variations.

Of course, selecting the right keywords is important. Familiarizing yourself with keyword research is the first step.

Find out which words and phrases people are using to search for information related to your product or service, and let that inform your strategy.

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It can be difficult to get ranked using high traffic keywords alone, and that’s where implementing “long-tail” keywords can benefit you. Long tail keywords are usually longer and more specific, so they have a lower search volume than more generic terms.

This means less competition, which makes it easier to get ranked. Also, due to the specificity of long-tail keywords, the people that search for them are usually farther along in the buying cycle and thus more likely to be ready to purchase.

Use Internal Links

Another component to incorporate in your SEO efforts is internal linking. Be consistent in updating your site with useful content, and then link to other related topics on your site within your posts.

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This encourages users to spend more time on your website, which in turn earns bonus points with Google. Additionally, this gives Google the opportunity to crawl through more pages of your website and include them in rankings.

Use Multimedia

Placing images on your site not only attracts your visitors and keeps them engaged, it can also further improve your SEO. Including “alt text” describing the content of the image (using one of your keywords) allows Google to “read” it, which increases your chances of appearing in Google’s image search results.

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By implementing this, and the other SEO best practices above, you will have a solid starting point to optimize your site and start bringing in more website visitors.

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