Nambu Ironware tetu Tape Cutter

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tetu series product made of Nambu Iron in Morioka.
The designer is Makoto Koizumi, a designer who has a reputation for careful manufacturing.
Nambu Iron castings have been manufactured for a long time in Iwate Prefecture.
In recent years, iron kettles and tea utensils made by inheriting traditional methods have attracted attention, and practical cooking utensils have been made using new methods.
Tape cutter that takes full advantage of the heavy weight unique to Nambu Iron, which has a history of 400 years.
A charming gem with a luxurious texture.
Sturdy ironware can be used for decades with care! Ironware that is broken or no longer used can be melted and reborn as another product, so it is 100% recyclable product.

● Material: cast iron, walnut
● Product size (㎝): W12.0 x D4.5 x H11.0
● Weight: about 1.1kg
● Country of origin: Japan, Iwate Prefecture
● Notes: Tapes that can be used are up to 18mm in width.
Item No. W15527
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